We offer consulting and advisory services for the private sector, government entities and non-for-profit organizations.

We MATCH national and international demands and opportunities.

We are specialized in institutional, governmental and international relations. We have extensive experience in Brazil and abroad, and capacity to customize demands.

Our Services

We connect national and international entities to potential foreign partners, clients and markets. With multiple projects already carried out all over the world, we offer services in Brazil and in international markets, mainly in 4 segments:

  • (1) Innovation
  • (2) New technologies
  • (3) Agribusiness
  • (4) Sustainability (environment, forests, carbon, clean energy, climate change, and others)

Our Work Proposal

We are specialized in the development of new businesses and access to new international markets, encompassing specific demands related to institutional, governmental and international relations. We have extensive experience in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa.

Click on the following link to learn more about the main work topics that we are working on.

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Technical Missions, training & courses

We carry out professional training in the most diverse areas and in the most diverse forms: workshops, seminars, international immersions, face-to-face classes, conferences and EAD. Many of our activities are in partnership with other institutions, all of excellent quality and reputation. Today, we have partnership with important foreign universities in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Matchmaking Brazil has the technical capacity to organize international missions with technical or commercial purposes, aimed at a single company or group of entities.

We also support at international trade shows, so that participation in a certain event may not be passive, only waiting for potential customers to emerge at the booth.

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Exercemos o papel de country advisor, assessorando no processo decisório e na identificação do passo a passo para a implementação de projetos nacionais e internacionais. Desta forma, destacamos nossas aptidões:

  1. We are focused and can identify national and international players, including who is who for specific actions of interest;
  2. We have broad knowledge on sectoral issues, particularly related to the areas of innovation, new technologies, agribusiness and sustainability (environment, forests, clean energy and climate change).